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Store vs Online

Past & Blast wants your business, which is why we offer an online and retail store experience. It also allows you the convenience to shop from home on your schedule.
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Please know online and retail stores are two totally different business models. There is the inventory, insurance, overhead and labor to run a brick and mortar store. Therefore, guns at all retail will usually be higher than prices on the internet or our website. The benefit? You get to actually physically hold the firearm before making the decision to make a purchase. Web orders are being filled from distribution warehouses most of the time, so there is no inventory cost or inventory insurance cost for the seller. There is also a possibility you'll have to wait a few days to a week to get your new gun. You'll also have to pay to ship the firearm. So there can be some savings in buying through the internet; usually for more expensive guns. For those who don't mind the wait to save a few dollars, we welcome your online orders.